The Touch Sensitive Reacting Dinosaur – This Toy Dinosaur bites, drinks and giggles uniquely

You want to see how this Dinosaur reacts to your touch? Go ahead and pat it on its head, then try tickling it under its chin and watch this toy dinosaur giggles and coos every time he’s happy.

This Touch Sensitive Reacting Dinosaur when set free, moves around and explores whatever he founds while making lots of dino sounds, it even drinks from its included coconut shell and chews a nice bite into its taro-root which is also included. Wow!
The Touch Sensitive Reacting DinosaurThe Touch Sensitive Reacting Dinosaur features a unique sensor that can be found in its head including its nose and mouth and back and body, that’s a lot just to make sure it reacts to your kids petting or cuddling. Want to try?

This Touch Sensitive Reacting Dinosaur also comes with a complicated yet stylish sensory system, up to 40 different gears for that smooth and comfy dino moves and an included rechargeable battery so kids can continuously play with it for up to 2 hours straight without any problem. Now it’s your turn..

-$199.95 at hammacher