The Tiki Torch Speakers – The perfect outdoor speakers that bring the atmosphere of a Polynesian tiki party to your backyard barbecue

The Tiki Torch Speaker is just perfect for your next tiki party simply because these outdoor speakers can definitely provide crystal clear audio and music for up to 6hrs straight before it requires some recharge.

Thanks to the speaker’s unique design, playing music from your favorite gadget via Bluetooth and at the same time providing that perfect ambient light is now possible any time anywhere.

Tiki Torch Speakers

The Tiki Torch Speakers

These 5watt outdoor speakers are equipped because they’re equipped with LED lamps that flicker to imitate a real flame just like those tabletop candles or even similar to those tiki torches enough to provide not just clear music but at the same time provide ambient light to your next backyard barbecue party.

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Tiki Torch Speakers1

The Tiki Torch Speakers are water and dust resistant so you can position it anywhere you want and best of all, it already includes a USB charger just in case you need to juice its rechargeable batteries.

You can buy the pair of outdoor speakers for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.