The Three Zone Heated Jacket – Ideal for Outdoor Sports or Work even on a worst winter chills

Can’t enjoy your favorite outdoor sports because it’s freezing outside? Now you can with The Three Zone Heated Jacket [SOURCE], a slim-fitting jacket packed with heating elements uniquely positioned at the back and in the chest to protect you against the worst winter chills of course without worrying about bulky batteries and heavy coat feeling.

The Three Zone Heated Jacket uses 3 thin heating elements tucked inside the chest and back panels attached using undetectable wires straight to a light yet powerful battery pack. This heated jacket uses only 1 amp of power yet it is very efficient and quick when it comes to producing different heat temperatures enough to protect you against bad and freezing weather.

The Three Zone Heated Jacket

The Three Zone Heated Jacket

The Three Zone Heated Jacket has a nice polyester exterior complete with a cool looking fleece lining in the sleeves and body while its 80g of soft polyester fiber padding will definitely provide a comfortable outdoor activities every time.

This heated jacket also includes a zippered chest pocket ideal for keeping cash, keys and other important materials while its included 7volts of lithium ion battery can easily be recharge in just a matter of hours using its included power adapter.

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