The Three Room Wireless Speaker System – enjoy clear sound without the hassle of wires and cables

You want to share your favorite music wirelessly? Sure, but how about sharing it to up to 3 different rooms without the hassle of hardwiring them together? Now you can with this cool new wireless speaker system.

Introducing The Three Room Wireless Speaker System, a small yet powerful speaker system capable of providing a nice, clear and vibrant sound projection from your favorite Android smart phones, tablets or even your favorite iOS devices.

The Three Room Wireless Speaker System

This Three Room Wireless Speaker System has a nice base station which acts as a music streamer and at the same time charger for the satellite speakers. This speaker system is equipped with 2.4GHz signal and can throw music even at 115 feet away while its Bluetooth connectivity allows any music device to connect and play music at 25 feet.

Other important feature includes separate volume buttons on each speaker and an included 3.5mm cable. What are you waiting for, start positioning the speakers now to your house rooms and start sharing music without worrying about cables and wires. Just don’t forget to plug the base though to an AC outlet.

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