The Three Person Water Wheel – A sturdy inflatable wheel perfect for use in pools, oceans, lakes or rivers

The Three Person Water Wheel [SOURCE] is a sturdy inflatable wheel capable of providing hours of water fun for up to 3 riders who push it from inside. Made with strong and heavy-gauge PVC that can endure painstaking water activities, the aqua treadmill inflatable water wheel is perfect for use in rivers or lakes and even on oceans or pools just perfect for geeks out there who are looking for a nice fun ride on water most specially this coming summer.

The Three Person Water Wheel

The Three Person Water Wheel

The Three Person Water Wheel is very easy to use, thanks to the wheel’s unique sprockets located at both sides of the wheel, riders inside can easily travel around simply by walking, crawling, climbing or tumbling inside its 48 inches high cockpit.

The Three Person Water Wheel 2

This easy to use inflatable water wheel even allows riders to easily shift their weights from side to side in order to steer the wheel to the direction they want, just make sure that riders within have a synchronized effort to propel the inflatable wheel at the rider’s desired speed.

The Three Person Water Wheel 3

This water wheel is also made with transparent PVC panels so riders can easily see where they’re going plus its easy to inflate and deflate feature and an included 8 port effective draining system and 10 feet rope for securing the water wheel to a dock are just one of the many feature water activities will be more fun and exciting this summer.

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