The Thomas Kinkade Revolving Christmas Tree Topper – showcases the artwork of renowned holiday artist as Santa spins ’round the crown of a Christmas tree

Still looking for a Christmas tree topper to make it completely look modern before you start placing those presents under it? Try the Thomas Kinkade Revolving Christmas Tree Topper. (Available Here for only $119.95)

This Christmas Tree Topper is your perfect answer simply because besides showcasing Thomas Kinkade’s artwork, it already includes Santa spinning around the tree together with its well-laden sleigh circling around without any problem.

Revolving Christmas Tree Topper

The Thomas Kinkade Revolving Christmas Tree Topper

Besides the richly detailed sleigh equipped with toys, this Christmas Tree even comes with your favorite holiday paintings that can easily be seen on either side, simply plug the tree topper and you’re good to go.

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Revolving Christmas Tree Topper 2

This Thomas Kinkade Tree Topper is perfectly handcrafted and hand painted and already includes an authenticity certificate.

You can buy this tree-topper for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.