The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger [SOURCE] is capable of restoring drained batteries of your favorite cell phones using a unique generator filled with water.

So how does this emergency charger work? Well, simply fill the pot with water, heat it using a stove, wood fire or with its built-in propane powered heating system and let the charger harness the energy and converting it to recharge portable devices such as phones, GPS units, cameras and a lot more.

The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger

The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger

The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger can fully recharged a dead phone to its 100% working power with just 4 hours of heating, enough to give you ample power even without AC outlets available.

This unique battery charger features a sturdy 1.4 litter pot, 4oz camp stove with auto ignition function, 3 feet charging cable, rechargeable lithium battery pack and some adapters that will perfectly fit most of the latest phones and USB devices to date.

This emergency battery charger is ideal for campers and on-the-go geeks who want to make sure that their phones and other portable devices will stay in power even while there’s no AC outlet available.

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