The Ten iPad Charging Bay – Maintaining multiple tablets is now easy and efficient

The Ten iPad Charging Bay is a uniquely designed docking station capable of charging, syncing and securing not just 1 but up to 10 iPads all at the same time so you don’t have to worry about monotonous and lengthy method of juicing up an iPad battery one after the other.

The Ten iPad Charging Bay is perfect for schools and businesses that rely solely on the iPad’s capability to access or share lessons and other important documents such as photos, videos and music for their students or clients, thanks to the charging bay’s compact and effective design, maintaining multiple tablets is now easy, efficient and fun.

The Ten iPad Charging Bay

The docking station’s interior cabinet already includes slots for ten iPads and a USB ports for each slot, simply dock any generation of iPads into the slot, connect the charging cable into the USB port and enjoy simultaneous charging.

Got MacBook? How about connecting it to the charging bay for an easy syncing of data to all 10 iPads simultaneously?

The Ten iPad Charging Bay 2

The Ten iPad Charging Bay includes a LED indicator for status monitoring and a nice switch so you can easily toggle between charging iPads or syncing data quickly while the bay’s portability, non-slip roof and key lock feature allows the owner to securely store the tablets properly.

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