The Tarnish Eliminating Jewelry Tower – helps keep jewelry from tarnishing

The Tarnish Eliminating Jewelry Tower (available here) is unique when it comes to helping you store all your precious jewelry in one perfect location but at the same time help you also keep those jewelry from tarnishing.

Thanks to this wooden jewelry tower equipped with microfiber lining designed to help absorb any contaminants that may damage your jewelry including those hydrogen sulfide or airborne substances which will lead to discoloration later.

Tarnish Eliminating Jewelry Tower

The Tarnish Eliminating Jewelry Tower

This jewelry tower is unique because it has a swiveling design so jewelry owners can easily retrieve their favorite jewelry any time, it even features 6 oversized compartments that swing out easily for a more comfortable viewing.

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Tarnish Eliminating Jewelry Tower1

This Jewelry Tower already includes enough space for holding all your jewelry collection including your favorite ring because it is divided into different levels so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or even tangling all jewelry pieces.

You can buy this wooden jewelry tower for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.