The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion – A chair cushion that uses Shiatsu, rolling, and vibration massage to target and knead muscle pain in the upper back, lumbar, and buttocks

The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion –[SOURCE]– is perfect in targeting and kneading muscles in your buttocks, lumbar and even in the upper back using Shiatsu, rolling and also vibration massage.

This chair cushion has 6 nodes right at the cushion’s back that rotates nicely in order to provide the owner the Shiatsu-style pain management or better yet, allow the massage cushion to travel up and down so you can enjoy an effective rolling massage at the affected body parts.

The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion

The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion

This massage cushion’s seat on the other hand has 3 levels of vibration partnered with heating elements so you’ll have vibration massage and at the same time improved circulation because the integrated heating part will provide up to 75 degrees of warmth.

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The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion 1

The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion already includes an easy to use remote control for controlling most of the settings including different massage types, intensity, vibration and heating levels and best of all, its included chair straps and detachable headrest will allow the owner to relax while the cushion doing the treatment thing. Weigh only 9lbs.

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