The Talking Hands Free Golf GPS – equipped with global courses and interactive map

Planning of playing golf this summer? Sure, use the talking hands free golf GPS —[SOURCE]—, a small yet powerful golf GPS equipped with lots of global courses to provide golfers the perfect distance of course without pulling out another gadget.

This hands free golf GPS is small enough that you can even clip it to your favorite golf visor, glasses or even your favorite golf shirts plus it connects easily to your preferred Bluetooth devices like your latest phones and more to give you the exact distance of course simply by pressing a button.

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Talking Hands Free Golf GPS

This talking golf GPS already comes with an application where it provides interactive map that displays course hazards, it even supports up to 35 languages so you can bring it anywhere you want and play your favorite golf game without any problem.

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The Talking Golf GPS is already equipped with rechargeable battery that provides of up to 5 eighteen hole rounds of play before juicing it up again using its included USB cable charger and best of all, it only weighs less than an ounce.

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