The Tabletop Fireplace – Now you can add a lovely glow and a perfect ambiance to your table or room

Looking for a fireplace that adds some lovely glow and perfect ambiance to your table or room? Use the Tabletop Fireplace [SOURCE], a uniquely designed fireplace that uses liquid fuel yet provides up to 7 inches high yellow, orange and red flame that flickers nicely without worrying about smells or sparks.

The Tabletop Fireplace

The Tabletop Fireplace

If you want to add some instant fireplace anytime anywhere then this portable Fireplace is your perfect answer because it uses clean flame, thanks to its recycled liquid ethanol fuel, giving your room, your favorite bathroom or even your favorite table some bright flame will surely add some intimate ambiance anytime, unlike ordinary fireplace that uses gas or logs, this portable tabletop fireplace burns clean and odorless fuel every time.

The Tabletop Fireplace 1

This personal fireplace is just the perfect alternative to candles and is also great for campers who wants to add some beautiful glow in a dark place, thanks to its well built stainless steel burner and uniquely designed panes of tempered glass, now you can have a perfect fireplace without worrying about marring fine wood finishes, just an hour of cozy relaxing at home or anywhere and anytime you want.

Watch the tabletop fireplace in action [HERE].