The Synchronized Smart Steamer – An electric steamer with two separate baskets that can be synchronized to finish cooking quickly and deliciously

The Synchronized Smart Steamer [SOURCE] is a unique electric steamer equipped with 2 separate basket so owners can easily synchronized cooking of course in fantastic and delicious outcome.

This electric steamer is capable of reaching a maximum power in just a matter of 30sec. and is capable of delivering an even cooking temperature every time, thanks to its innovative side-by-side design, preparing your favorite food in less cooking time is now possible.

The Synchronized Smart Steamer

The Synchronized Smart Steamer

This smart steamer cooks with steam so you can get all the best flavor and vitamins of course without worrying about fats and because this steamer has separate baskets, preventing the flavors of each dish from blending is now possible and more effective.

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The Synchronized Smart Steamer 1

The Synchronized Smart Steamer can also be used to cooked one single item that is larger including whole fish and best of all, it already comes with 5 different heating settings including the Keep Warm function so you’ll have all the control needed to cook a great tasting food every time.

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