The Superior World Band Radio – A multi-band radio with superior reception, sound quality, and ease of use

Tired of using your radio because it cannot provide the best reception and sound quality? Use the Superior World Band Radio —[SOURCE]—, a small yet powerful multi-band radio that is very easy to use and offers a static-free transmission from your favorite radio channels.

This pocket-size radio even features a VHF aviation and short wave bands enough to make it the best multi-band radio out there, it even comes with a Single Side Band function so owners can listen to ham radio operators, space, ships at sea and even spy transmissions all over the world.

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The Superior World Band Radio

The Superior World Band Radio

This easy to use radio uses simple dials so owners can easily tune and adjust the volume without any problem, it even allows the listeners to store up to 400 presets into its integrated memory.

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The Superior World Band Radio 1

The Superior World Band Radio also features an alarm clock and an easy to read LCD display and best of all, it also includes a stereo headphone jack, voice clarifying ear buds and a 23 feet shortwave reel antenna. Weighs only 7oz.

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