The Superior HD Tabletop Radio – a digital radio widely praised for its sound quality and high-end features

Not satisfied with your AM / FM radio because it can’t provide the best sound quality and lacks the best features found on high end models? Try The Superior HD Tabletop Radio.

The widely praised AM and FM radio equipped with high definition and high end features usually not found in ordinary tabletop radios out there.

Superior HD Tabletop Radio

The Superior HD Tabletop Radio

This HD AM/FM radio is unique because it has the ability to receive FM stations that are hard to locate, it can even play rich and clear sound straight to its full range, 7 watt speaker without any problem.

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Superior HD Tabletop Radio 2

The Superior HD Tabletop Radio als features an adjustable treble and bass tones so owners can easily adjust to its perfect balance while its large LCD screen will provide any music lover with a nice display of an FM stations and other information about the track and best of all, it has a minimalistic yet sleek design and already includes an alarm clock, remote control and jacks for connecting MP3 players and headphones. Weighs only 5lbs.

You can buy this digital AM and FM radio for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.