The Superior Cassette to MP3 Converter – Now you can preserve your classic music collection with superior quality easily

The Superior Cassette To MP3 Converter [SOURCE] enables the owner to preserve their favorite music collection from cassette to mp3 simply by converting it to digital format, thanks to the MP3 converter’s easy to use function, plugging the device to the computer and converting the audio cassette into digital format is now easier.

This cassette to Mp3 converter allows the owner to burn the converted digital format to a CD and even allows them to download to their favorite gadget like smartphone or tablet for easy listening. This converter already includes a dual tape unit and has a harmonic distortion level of less than 1 percent perfect for ensuring all converted format maintain its quality every time.

The Superior Cassette to MP3 Converter

The Superior Cassette to MP3 Converter

This Superior MP3 Converter is also capable of converting both CrO2 and metal cassette plus it even comes with a high signal to noise ration design to lessen the noise just perfect for a clearer conversion of audio every time.

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The superior Cassette to MP3 Converter allows the owner to transfer audio between 2 cassette in high speed dubbing while its included screen display allows the user to see important information including audio levels and the conversion function being processed and best of all, it already comes with an easy to use software which allows the owner to easily create a play lists or even break the songs into individual tracks.

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