The Sun And Soak Floating Deck – An inflatable floating deck that enables one to sun and soak simultaneously

The Sun And Soak Floating Deck [SOURCE] is your perfect floating deck specially if you want to soak and at the same time enjoy the sun for that perfect tanning session.

This 7.5 feet square inflatable deck inflates in just a matter of minutes and because it offers 70×60 inches in length and width water-permeable mesh bottom splash pool, owner’s can simply cool down themselves after doing some tanning session right at its adjacent deck.

The Sun And Soak Floating Deck

The Sun And Soak Floating Deck

This inflatable floating deck also features 6 nylon handles strategically located at the sides in order to provide the users a perfect grip specially for climbing aboard while its uniquely built D-ring located at each corner will provide an easy anchoring to other inflatable pools or even at nearby boats.

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The Sun And Soak Floating Deck is very tough because it uses PVC laminated top that is UV resistant partnered with 6 inches thick polyester drop stitch core reinforced with PVC-laminated polyethylene, and best of all, it supports users of up to 800lbs and already includes a hand pump and backpack.

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