The Subzero Waterproof Boots – keeps feet warm and dry to 72 degrees Fahrenheit

You want to keep your feet dry and warm? Use the Subzero Waterproof Boots, a durable and water-resistant boots constructed uniquely to keep your feet comfortable every time.

These waterproof boots is unique because it has no laces or even those seams found on other boots to help the wearer feel more comfortable without worrying about moisture seep’s in specially during snowy weather.

The Subzero Waterproof Boots

The Subzero Waterproof Boots

These slip-on boots will allow the owner to easily step with confidence even on puddles, slush and snow because it is insulated with thick neoprene, enough to help keep the feet warm even in the most frigid temperature.

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The Subzero Waterproof Boots 1

The Subzero Waterproof Boots also features an odor-resistant and moisture-wicking function while its EVA insoles will add some perfect feet cradling and unique arch support every time and best of all, it has a molded textured rubber outsole to make sure you’ll always confident in stepping even on slippery surfaces. Weighs only 3lbs.

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