The Subterfugist’s Voice Recording Flash Drive – A USB flash drive with an invisible built-in voice recorder

The Subterfugist’s Voice Recording Flash Drive [SOURCE] is not just capable of recording verbal conversation because it also allows the owner to discreetly records meetings or even your singing voice specially when you are accompanying it with your favorite musical instruments.

This voice recording flash drive is equipped with powerful and sensitive microphone capable of capturing sound even from up to 25 feet away and because it already includes a built-in 4gb memory, recording wma audio files for up to 140 hours is now clearer and easier.

The Subterfugist's Voice Recording Flash Drive

The Subterfugist’s Voice Recording Flash Drive

This flash drive with recording capability allows the user to easily activate the mic by simply flipping the switch plus it even comes with a light indicator to notify the user that the flash drive is recording.

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The Subterfugist’s Voice Recording Flash Drive allows the owner to plug the flash drive directly into their favorite desktop PC just like any ordinary flash drive’s out there perfect for downloading the recorded audio for easy listening or even sharing and best of all, it also stores photos and documents just like those standard flash drives out there.

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