The Streak Free Window Washing Vacuum – A professional window cleaning system capable of producing streak free result faster

Planning of cleaning your windows but doesn’t have the perfect tool for a faster yet streak-free window cleaning? Use the Streak Free Window Washing Vacuum —[SOURCE]—, a professional grade window cleaning system that is faster and better than washing by hand.

This window washing vacuum is unique because it uses microfiber cleaning tool partnered with vacuum that has 11 inches squeegee and a long handle so owners can easily clean windows even those hard to reach areas.


Streak Free Window Washing Vacuum

This window vacuum can be used with your favorite cleaning solution and is very easy to use, just press the vacuum into the window’s surface and allow the cleaning tool to start sucking up excess moisture of course without worrying about drips.

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Perfect for getting back your window’s sparkling effect, thanks to the vacuum’s detachable reservoir, refilling and emptying it can now be done easily for that faster cleaning up of windows mess-free and best of all, because it has a steel handle that can be adjusted easily, reaching high windows without using any ladder is now possible, you can even use the vacuum for your auto windows, shower doors and more. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

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