The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria – A stovetop pizza oven capable of producing crispy pies in just a matter of 6 minutes

The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria [SOURCE] is capable of producing crispy pies in just a matter of 6 minutes, thanks to its powerful 600 degrees Fahrenheit and efficient oven, baking pizza and pies is now possible anytime.

This stovetop pizza oven already includes 2 pizza stones capable of distributing heat evenly right across the dough so you don’t have to worry about excess moisture or even hot spots because it only provides crispier crusts fast.

The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria

The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria

Unlike ordinary pizza oven out there that can take up to 20min. to cook, this stovetop pizzeria is unique because it also comes with detachable sliding door so owner’s can easily open to accommodate up 12 inches pizza.

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The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria already comes with an integrated thermometer so owner’s can easily monitor the cooking temperature and best of all, its stainless steel body partnered with red enamel coating exterior will definitely add some nice looks when displayed together with other kitchen gadgets.

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