The Star Wars Pinball Machine – A pinball machine inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy

Equipped with solenoid-powered flippers and unique bumpers, this pinball machine is perfect for Star Wars fanatics out there who wants to have their very own machine inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy.

This pinball machine —[SOURCE]— has a quality artwork partnered LEDs and unique scoring board where players can have an immersive pinball game at home including the classic arcade pinball like 3 stand up targets, 5 drop targets, unique flippers and bumpers and even a Star Wars themed elements like TIE fighters and Death Star complete with LCD color where it displays mission, modes and bonuses.


Star Wars Pinball Machine

The machine’s cabinet on the other hand together with its play field are decorated with classic characters including your favorite Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and a lot more, it even comes with a back box equipped with HD LCD monitor capable of displaying your game objectives, video clips and scores.

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This Pinball Machine also comes with integrated stereo sound system designed to play those classic sound effects and audio clips and best of all, it has a working coin door so owners can experience Pinball Arcade Game just like those models in your favorite Arcade shops. Weighs 250lbs and measures 75.5x55x27 inches in height, diameter and width respectively.

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