The Star Wars Droid Transport – Prepare to attack

Looking for your next Star Wars collectibles? Here’s a cool Droid Transport ship capable of transporting multi-troops ready to take full control attack simply by pushing a button.

Prepare to attack! Roger that! Familiar with these sound effects? We know because this Star Wars Droid Transport is full of operational sounds plus it even comes with nice blaster turrets, missile launchers used to defend the transport just in case enemies are approaching to take it down.

The Star Wars Droid Transport

The Star Wars Droid Transport can perfectly roll straight into the battle, thanks to its uniquely designed recessed wheels, simulating a hovering effect using its cool anti-gravity repulsorlift is now cooler than ever.

Can’t wait to press a button? Sure, because this Droid Transport can even rows nest right into its rack while the second push of a button withdraws the rack into the droid transport. Can’t deploy battle droids? Just open the maintenance panel to troubleshoot its power generator.

This Star Wars Collectibles also comes with Obi-Wan Kenobi figure and uses 3 double-A batteries.

-$199.95 at hammacher