The Star Wars Battling Fighters Set [SOURCE] is an awesome slot car play set uniquely invented specifically for star wars fanatics out there who wants to copy the thrill and excitement of their favorite scene death star trench run of the episode 4’s star wars final moments.

This Star Wars Battling Fighters Set comes with 1 driver that religiously piloting ‘red five’ x-wing while another pilot is chasing the TIE advanced fighter challenging combatants that uses a much wider ships.

The Star Wars Battling Fighters Set

The Star Wars Battling Fighters Set

This Star Wars Slot Car Fighter Set comes with integrated LED positioned nicely in the racing track that light up when star wars fanatic begin to race while the 12 foot 8 track figure that uniquely glows in the dark is just perfect for that night action with other racers.

This slot car play set comes with lifetime guarantee and is ideal for kids ages 8 years and above and weighs at 6lbs at 4x39x52 inches in height, width and diameter.

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