The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart – A collapsible cart with 3 tires on each end so it can move up and down stairs effortlessly

The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart [SOURCE] is a foldable cart that uses 3 uniquely designed tires on both end so it can roll up and down the stairs effortlessly allowing the owners to easily transport loads of up to 100lbs.

The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart

The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart

Unlike ordinary 2-wheeled handcarts out there, this stair stepping smarter cart will not require the porter to assist the weight while scaling a curb or bumping from stairs, thanks to the smart cart’s 6-wheeled construction system partnered with sturdy rubber tires designed to maintain contact with both tread while its vertical riser right on each step will prevent porters from straining and pushing of cart contents.

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The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart 1

This smart cart already includes a telescoping handle that can be easily adjusted to get an optimal height and a sturdy flat base perfect for stacking and piling up cart content for easy transport anywhere anytime.

The Stair Stepping Smarter Cart folds at 4.5 diameter for easy and compact storage right in your favorite closet or even at your own car’s trunk.

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