The Stainless Steel Ofuro – Enjoy And Relax Your Body The Japanese Way

The Stainless Steel Ofuro is an imitation of a traditional Japanese bathing habit intended to purify the spirit and wash the body. The Stainless Steel Ofuro is perfect for relaxing your tired body after those long hours of work.

The Stainless Steel Ofuro is made from a 14gauge 304grade stainless steel and 18% of chromium composition so you can be sure of its durability and smoothness plus this easy to maintain soaking tub comes with 3 non-slip steps with hand bars, a double walled metal tub, eighteen air jets that is build into the seat and sides of the tub and a control panel that can be controlled with the touch of a button so you can adjust the settings easily. The Stainless Steel Ofuro has a built-in draining and overflow system and plugs using an AC outlet.

– $20,000.00 at hammacher