The Stacking All Weather Rockers – an all-weather rocking chairs that can be easily stacked and stowed away

The Stacking All Weather Rockers (Available Here) is perfect for anyone looking for a pair of rocking chairs that can be setup almost anywhere for some morning or afternoon relaxation.

This all weather rocking chair is unique because besides its sturdiness and slim design, supporting users up to 350lbs will not be a problem, it can even provide the perfect comfort because it is also equipped with low profile padding strategically located on the seat and back where other outdoor furniture can’t handle.

All Weather Rockers

The Stacking All Weather Rockers

Besides its slim padding that’s uniquely woven into its polyester fabric designed to help fight repelling UV light, resisting any fading and even providing that perfect air circulation every time without any problem.

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All Weather Rockers1

The Stacking All Weather Rockers also features a tall and relaxing back capable of providing comfortable resting place especially for the shoulders and the head when doing some knitting, reading and even when napping and best of all, it only weighs 19lbs and measures only 37×36.5×28 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this pair of outdoor rocking chairs for only $329.95 with lifetime guarantee.