The Sports Analysts Camcorder – with WIFI feature for sending videos to tablets and smartphones

The Sports Analysts Camcorder [PRODUCT PAGE] is capable of shooting high speed videos at 600fps that’s 900 percent cooler than any other camcorders around plus it can even record HD videos in slow motion then send it wirelessly to a tablet for better viewing.

The Sports Analysts Camcorder

The Sports Analysts Camcorder

This HD camcorder already comes with an integrated WiFi connectivity function so sending recorded videos straight from your favorite iPad or even your latest Android smartphones and tablets will not be a problem plus it even allows the owner to use its free application to add annotation to videos or play different video clips side by side for analyzing performances.

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The Sports Analysts Camcorder 2

The Sports Analysts Camcorder also features an easy to use buttons where user can easily switch from close up or full wide shooting while its 12.8MP CMOS sensor, F1.2 wide angle lens and 10x optical zoom are just one of the many reason your old camcorder needs a perfect replacement.

Other great feature for this JVC camcorder includes image stabilization, 1920x1090p HD videos at 60fps and up to 128GB memory card SDXC compatibility. Mini HDMI and Audio and Video cables, USB and rechargeable battery already included in the package.