The Space Saving Vertical Victrola – A contemporary all-in-one stereo system plays LPs vertically to conserve valuable floor space

The Space Saving Vertical Victrola [VIDEO] is not just capable of playing your favorite LPs but at the same time already includes a digital disc player so you can also listen to your latest collection of music right at its remote controlled CD player.

This uniquely designed stereo system already includes a manually controlled turntable that plays 33 to 78rpm records and because it also allows the owner to connect their favorite music player including smartphones, tablets or even MP3 player using Bluetooth or Aux connectivity, reminiscing radio’s golden age is now possible.

The Space Saving Vertical Victrola

The Space Saving Vertical Victrola

This all-in-one stereo system also includes a digital AM and FM radio function complete with retro-style tuning dial just perfect for listening over the air broadcasts.

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The Space Saving Vertical Victrola’s cabinet on the other hand is constructed suing a thick wood with walnut finish and hinged glass doors so you don’t have to worry about dusts every time you play your treasured music.

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