The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger – The perfect motorized reclining lounge chair for geeks

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary reclining lounge chair out there that simply provides comfort when you are at the beach or besides the pool, this lounger is unique because it is equipped with important features such as push button function for reclining the back, solar panels at both side of the chair’s base for providing enough power for your favorite entertainment device and a lot more to make it the perfect motorized reclining lounge chair to date.

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

This solar powered lounge chair even features a built-in Bose speaker so you can play your favorite music wirelessly using any Bluetooth-enabled gadgets or use its included control pad located at each armrest for emitting some refreshing mists while its included USB port allows you to charge your favorite device using the sun’s power.

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger 2

The lounger’s thick plush, water resistant cushion, removable and flexible sunshade and the built-in rear wheels are just one of the many features that you can’t resist every time you want to relax after swimming, just don’t forget to fully charge the solar panels and put some water at its concealed water tank though to fully enjoy the broad features of the solar powered entertainment lounger.

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger 3

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