The Solar Power Generator – provides emergency electricity to home appliances

Is your backup generator still powered by gas or propane generators? Check this cool new Solar Power Generator, a sun powered backup generator capable of providing emergency electricity to your home appliances including your refrigerator, televisions and more.

The Solar Power Generator is the advanced model of home generators out there simply because it provides backup power to your important devices without relying on unstable gas fuels. Now you can enjoy silent generator operation without worrying about harmful odors produced when in use.

The Solar Power Generator

This solar generator comes with 2 30watt mono crystalline panels used to recharge the generator to its full capacity, with just a matter of 20hrs of direct sun light recharging, you’ll be able to enjoy 30 hours of extra battery life for your laptop.

The Solar Power Generator also features a built-in LCD panel that shows wattage coming in and out of the generator and how much battery life left. This solar generator can also be recharge using an AC to make sure the generator is in full power before electricity failure.

-$2,000 at hammacher