The Solar iPad Case – An ultra-thin case that protects and recharges your iPad using the power of the sun

Looking for an ultra thin case for your ipad? How about a case that recharges your ipad using the power of the sun? Now you can have it both with the Solar iPad Case [SOURCE], a thin yet sturdy case made designed not just to protect your precious gadget but at the same time charges them because the case already embeds a thin-film solar panel so that it can convert sunlight into electricity charging the ultra-thin 5000mah li-ion battery perfect for hikers and traveling geeks alike.

The Solar iPad Case

The Solar iPad Case

The Solar iPad Case battery is capable of delivering an additional 2hrs. of power to your iPad and because it already includes a lightning dock, charging your iPad without cable is now possible.

The Solar iPad Case 1

This solar ipad case already includes a USB port designed to simultaneously power a smartphone while the case’s stand allows the owner to type or watch movies on the go.

The Solar iPad Case 2

This ipad case can also be charge via its included USB just in case no sunlight is available.

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