The Solar AC DC Emergency Power Station – the portable power station that recharges electronic devices anywhere

The Solar AC DC Emergency Power Station (available here) is your perfect answer especially if you are planning to have an outdoor escapade this summer simply because it will provide the power you need on all your important devices.

Thanks to this uniquely designed portable emergency power station capable of recharging your important electronic gadgets anytime anywhere because it can draw power on three important outlets like on a standard AC outlet, on your vehicle’s DC outlet or using the power of sunlight via solar panel.

Emergency Power Station

The Solar AC DC Emergency Power Station

Perfect for emergencies or on your next outdoor adventures, this power station when it is fully charged, its included 130,500 mAh integrated battery can power your favorite gadgets like your smartphone up to 38x, laptop for 8x and even your favorite television for up to 13hrs.

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Emergency Power Station1

The Solar AC DC Emergency Power Station is even capable of charging or even powering multiple gadgets all at the same time using the power station’s 3 USB ports, USB-C and 2 AC outlets and best of all, it already includes an easy to read LCD display where owners can easily see any incoming or outgoing wattage including the built-in battery’s power level. This sturdy power station only weighs 113/4lbs and only measures 11×61/4×8 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this portable power station for only $799.95 with lifetime guarantee.