The Snorkeling Kickboard – A floating kickboard with hard plastic window for viewing underwater life

Planning for your next underwater adventure? Sure, how about viewing underwater life that doesn’t need swimmers submerging their face in the water? Now you can with the Snorkeling Kickboard [VIDEO], a uniquely designed floating kickboard capable of providing owners with some cool and of course clear panoramic view of undersea life.

The Snorkeling Kickboard is designed for those who are not contented or not satisfied wearing snorkels or masks, thanks to the floating kickboard’s uniquely designed window built using a hard plastic and surrounded by a nicely ventilated neoprene mask, keeping an eye of what’s underwater is now more fun and clearer of course without worrying about ambient lights.

The Snorkeling Kickboard

The Snorkeling Kickboard

This floating snorkeling kickboard even comes with a cargo net ideal for storing underwater gadgets including your favorite underwater camera, sun block, drinks or even your personal belongings, plus, it even features a nice board tapers where you can easily take photos of underwater movements or provide some easy paddling or even reaching underneath and a lot more.

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The Snorkeling Kickboard 2

The Snorkeling Kickboard 3

The Snorkeling Kickboard is designed to be used in salt or fresh water and is capable of supporting users up to 220lbs.

Watch the floating kickboard in action [HERE].

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