The Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor – Silently vibrates to signal the snorer to change sleeping position

The Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to detecting any drop of oxygen saturation in the blood but at the same time unique because this gadget will vibrate in order to stimulate a snorer into shifting positions.

This snore reducing device work simply by securing it around the snorer’s thumb so it can start tracking the wearer’s heart rate and SpO2 levels using a patented sensor and when it starts detecting a drop in the amount of oxygen in the blood which is common side effect of snoring, the device will then silently vibrates to signal the owner to change its sleeping position.

The Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor

The Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor

This snore monitoring device works with any Android or iOS gadgets to send data using its included free application perfect for recording sleep pattern, heart rate and different motion plus it even vibrates just to remind the owner to start walking or exercising.

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The Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor is capable of providing up to 10hrs. Of power when in sleep mode or 5hrs. If it is in sleep move.

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