The Smokeless Indoor Grill – Now you can eliminate smoke while you broil, barbecue or sear

The Smokeless Indoor Grill —[SOURCE]— is perfect for grilling barbecue, steak and more right inside your favorite kitchen of course without worrying about smoke roaming around because this indoor electric grill will definitely help eliminate all nasty smoke while providing you with the best and great tasting barbecue every time.

This indoor electric grill is equipped with unique grill plate partnered with water-filled drip pan capable of catching fats and juices even before they burn of course decreasing those grease noise.

The Smokeless Indoor Grill

The Smokeless Indoor Grill

This indoor grill is powered by 1,200watt and uses radiant and direct heat just to reach 445 degrees Fahrenheit while its temperature can be adjusted easily using an easy to use buttons enough to replicate the capability of steak-searing usually found on outdoor grill.

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The Smokeless Indoor Grill 1

The Smokeless Indoor Grill already includes a cooking plate capable of providing enough space for up to 4 strip steaks and best of all, it is made of nonstick cast iron and are dishwasher safe. Weighs only 13lbs and measures 19.5×113/4×5 inches in length, width and height.

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