The Smartphone Telephoto Binoculars – lets you view faraway subjects and capture stunning pictures or video of everything you see

The Smartphone Telephoto Binoculars [SOURCE] are not just capable of letting you view far away objects right on your favorite smartphone but at the same time allows you to capture those subjects in pictures or even in video format just enough specially if you want to capture everything you see on your phone.

Thanks to its included adapter, clamping it on your latest gadgets including your favorite phablet and aligning the binocular’s eyepiece with your phone’s camera lens will not be a problem.

The Smartphone Telephoto Binoculars

The Smartphone Telephoto Binoculars

This telephoto binocular uses BAK-4 roof prism technology capable of providing up to 10x magnification level plus it even allows the owner to view up to 306 feet field view at up to 1000 yards, thanks also to its light yet sturdy and compact body, gripping it and focusing on the subject will not be a problem.

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The Smartphone Telephoto Binocular also features a large focus wheel that turns smoothly to allow the owner to precisely adjust and get a clear focus even at a far distance and best of all, its large 42mm lenses is capable of gathering lots of light even in dim conditions.

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