The Smartphone Pocket Projector – A pocket-sized projector that turns an iPhone, Android Smartphone or iPad into a personal platform

You want to turn your android phone, ipad or even your iphone into a pocket projector? Use the Smartphone Pocket Projector [SOURCE], a pocket sized presentation projector that is very easy to use and is capable of projecting to almost any flat surface perfect for mirroring the screen of your device of course at 720p resolution.

The Smartphone Pocket Projector is equipped with 55 lumens and a tiny optical yet powerful engine design to provide bright and crisp on the go presentation or even projecting photos from your last vacation at home.

The Smartphone Pocket Projector

The Smartphone Pocket Projector

This pocket sized projector already includes a built-in speaker system so you’ll be able to enjoy the video complete with sounds plus you can even connect the projector to your favorite desktop computer because it already includes a VGA cable and mini HDMI port.

Other feature includes MHL adapter designed to connect Samsung galaxy phones and Samsung note and best of all, this pocket projector is also capable of providing up to 90 minutes of power, just make sure its included li-ion battery is fully charged though.

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The Smartphone Pocket Projector 1

The smartphone pocket projector only weighs 1lb and stands at 1x3x4 in height, width and diameter respectively.

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