The Smartphone Planetarium Telescope – Now you can easily locate and view nearby planets, stars and constellations

You want to see the beauty of the outer space bodies? Now you can with this unique telescope that can be paired with your latest iPhone or even your favorite Android phones. Introducing the Smartphone Planetarium Telescope [SOURCE], a uniquely designed telescope packed with 56x magnification level partnered with 12 1/2mm and 20mm eyepiece zooming device and a powerful 700mm focal length refractor telescope and 60mm objective lens so you can easily view celestial bodies at home or anywhere you want.

The Smartphone Planetarium Telescope

The Smartphone Planetarium Telescope

The Smartphone Planetarium Telescope allows you to locate and view nearby planets, stars and even constellations, thanks to the included free app capable of interacting with your phone’s integrated GPS receiver, now you don’t have to worry about where to locate and view celestial objects because the planetarium telescope together with your phone and its included app will provide you with a map of the heavens.

The Smartphone Planetarium Telescope 2

This telescope already includes an adjustable tripod made with sturdy aluminum designed to provide stability specially on rugged outdoor outer space adventure, it even comes with a mount and lens cap to help you secure the device anytime.

This smartphone telescope is compatible with the most android phones and iPhone including 5, 5s and 5c.

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