The Smartphone Home Monitor – The Security Camera Capable Of Transmitting Videos in Real Time

You want to keep an eye on your personal belongings at home even while you’re busy working in your office? Try The Smartphone Home Monitor, it’s your best security camera solution for monitoring your home using your very own smartphone.

The Smartphone Home Monitor is very easy to install and you can position it anywhere you want and the best part of it is that, this security camera can transmit video information in real time thru the internet and directly to your iPhone and or Android powered smart phone device.
The Smartphone Home MonitorThis Smartphone Home Monitor Security Camera is capable of transmitting clear and crisp 30fps video at 640×480 resolutions. This security camera is also good at night-vision surveillance because it comes with 15 infrared LED lights that strategically located around the lens so you’ll be able to see exactly who’s peeping plus keeping you informed is simply easy because this security camera also sends email automatically every time it detects movements using its motion detector function.

The Smartphone Home Monitor can record videos and connects directly to your PC using its included WiFi or Ethernet connection function.

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