The Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope – A telescope that tracks celestial objects automatically and wirelessly

Looking for a telescope that tracks any moving celestial object automatically and wirelessly? Use the Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope [SOURCE], a uniquely designed tracking telescope that follows outer space object to which it is commanded simply by tapping an app from any of your favorite gadgets including your new android phone, ipad or even your favorite iPhone.

The Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope

The Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope

With the Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope, now you can explore the outer space objects without worrying about where to locate them simply because the app automatically aligns the telescope to point at the exact object you are looking for in the sky, thanks to the app’s built-in database that already includes up to 120k of celestial objects, 220 of the best deep sky and solar system objects and of course, together with your new gadget’s GPS system, finding and pinpointing at the object in the sky is now more fun and of course entertaining.

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The Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope 1

The Smartphone Controlled Tracking Telescope is capable of observing objects in precise clarity, thanks to the telescope’s 90mm aperture and unique refractor optical design partnered with the best focal length system just to give you the perfect magnification of up to 213x of course without any abnormalities on the images you are viewing.

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