The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot – Now you can remotely monitor your home via an iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world

The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed robot capable of allowing the owner to remotely monitor their home using their favorite device such as iPad or even iPhone of course from almost anywhere around the world.

The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot

The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot

This smartphone controlled robot is built with HD 1080p camera capable of transmitting live video feeds complete with audio feed using internet connection and because this mobile robot already includes a 4 inches diameter wheels, conquering floors and even thick carpets while monitoring around will not be a problem.

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The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot 1

This home patrolling robot even comes with charging station capable of providing of up to 9 hrs. of operation when fully charged and best of all, it already includes an easy to use application design to receive live feed and even allow the owner to direct the robot to move to any directions.

The Smartphone Controlled Home Patrolling Robot has a tilting camera perfect for capturing almost any spots in 720p for later playback while its included USB cable will allow the owner to plug the device into the computer for other important function.

Check [THIS PAGE] for more important features and function.

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