The Smartphone Controlled Coffee Maker – A coffee brewer that can be controlled via a smartphone

The Smartphone Controlled Coffee Maker [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary coffee brewing machine out there simply because this coffee maker not just prepare rich and great tasting coffee and at the same time can be controlled using your favorite smartphone gadget so anywhere you are, you can create your favorite coffee so when you get home, they’ll be ready for you to pick up.

The Smartphone Controlled Coffee Maker

The Smartphone Controlled Coffee Maker

Thanks to the brewer’s wifi connectivity function, coffee enthusiasts can easily activate the coffee maker anywhere anytime, just use the included free application to program its creation time plus it even comes with an integrated altitude monitor that uses GPS, identifying the location of the brewer or even adjusting the water temperature for that perfect brewing even in high or low elevations.

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This coffee maker device is capable of extracting the best coffee flavor from the grounds of course minus that unwanted bitterness making it the best coffee brewer in USA.

The Smartphone Controlled Coffee Maker is capable of holding up to 8 cups of liquid and can also accommodate up to 12 cups right on its paper basket style filter. This coffee machine is compatible with most iOS and Android gadgets and can also be activated manually just in case you forgot your smart phone.

Watch the coffee maker in action [HERE].