The Smartphone Charging Headphones – A headphone that recharges phone’s battery automatically while listening to your favorite music

Tired of using headphone that can’t provide real crisp and clear sound? How about a headphone that can’t provide extra power to your favorite smartphone? Use the Smartphone Charging Headphones, a 2 in 1 headphone packed with integrated battery charger so you can enjoy your favorite music in clear and crisp sound without worrying about draining your smartphone’s battery because it already includes a 1200mah that recharges your phone automatically while you are listening to your favorite music.

The Smartphone Charging Headphones recharges an iPhone 5 and other compatible phones that has USB ports of up to 70 percent enough to provide real comfort during extended use while its included HD amplifier partnered with 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets will definitely give clear and crisp sound every time.

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The Smartphone Charging Headphones

The Smartphone Charging Headphones

This unique headphone has built-in battery charger that connects to a phone via its included 3 feet micro USB cable while its included soft and perforated ear pads will provide music listeners some comfort specially during extended music playing.

This headphone with battery pack also features an easy to use volume control, a built-in microphone for answering incoming calls and an easy to fold feature for easy storage during travel.

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