The Smartphone Charging Backpack – with 6000 mAh portable battery pack integrated into the strap

The Smartphone Charging Backpack —[VIDEO]— is unique because it is equipped with 6000mah of battery pack so you can easily charge your favorite gadgets while roaming around.

Located strategically at the strap, this backpack is perfect for providing on-the-go charging, simply connect the your phone’s power cable right at the backpack’s integrated port to start enjoying your favorite music while walking.

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The Smartphone Charging Backpack

The Smartphone Charging Backpack

The included battery pack can be recharged using the included microUSB cable or AC adapter directly or via the strap and because it has a padded bottom to keep the backpack always in upright position, accommodating even your latest laptop will not be a problem.

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The Smartphone Charging Backpack 1

The Smartphone Charging Backpack can provide up to 40hrs of battery power for smartphones and 10hrs for tablets and best of all, it only weighs 3.5lbs. Measures 18x16x5.5 inches in height, width and diameter.

Watch the backpack in action HERE.

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