The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer – A device that wirelessly sends alerts to a smartphone or a tablet

The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer [SOURCE] is perfect for grillers out there who wants to grill their favorite meat in perfect temperature of course without having to monitor them once in a while or even worry about if the barbecue already falls within the optimal cooking range simply because the barbecue thermometer is designed to wirelessly alert barbecuer straight to their favorite smartphone or tablet giving the owner to do other things or even relax away from the grill.

The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer

The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer

This smartphone alerting barbecue thermometer already includes a wireless transmitter capable of sending real time data even at 160 feet away, thanks to its included pair of 36 inches long probes capable of providing perfect readings for up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit plus it even allow the owner to cook different meat simultaneously.

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The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer 1

Whether you are using a talking bbq grill thermometer or any other grilling gadget in cooking your favorite domestic or wild game meats on your favorite oven or grills, this barbecue thermometer is just perfect, thanks to its uniquely designed app capable of supplying the recommended cooking temperature, now you can relax, do other stuff or even enjoy with your friends while waiting for the app to alert you.

Besides its uniquely designed probes, this smartpone alerting barbecue thermometer also includes 2 grill clips, a transmitter and a wire stand.

Watch the barbecue thermometer in action [HERE].