The Smarter Bike Helmet – A bicycle helmet that records video, receives phone calls, and plays music through a built-in Bluetooth speaker

The Smarter Bike Helmet >>>[VIDEO]<<< is not just one of those ordinary bike helmet out there because this model of bicycle helmet is capable of recording videos, receiving phone calls and even plays your favorite songs right at its integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks to the helmet’s built-in camera capable of capturing clear videos at 30fps and still pictures with just a press of a button right on the helmet or using its free Android or iOS application.

The Smarter Bike Helmet

The Smarter Bike Helmet

This smart helmet already includes a 16GB of memory to allow the owner to easily store all the captured footage and other files and because it also comes with an easy to use button for answering phone calls or streaming your favorite music while driving, roaming around with your favorite bike is now more fun and exciting.

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The Smarter Bike Helmet-1

The Smarter Bike Helmet is equipped with 19 airflow vents, easy to adjust straps, detachable padding and best of all, it has a sturdy polycarbonate outer shell with polystyrene lining for that extra protection you’ve been looking for in a bicycle helmet.

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