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The Sleep Inducing Massage Chair – drives away stress so you can sleep peacefully

You want to drive away the stress you are having so you can sleep peacefully or have a perfect nap any time you want? Use the Sleep Inducing Massage Chair, a relaxing and pain relieving massage chair built with 4 unique preset massages so you can specifically target up to 6 feet body wide massages automatically in different modes.

The Sleep Inducing Massage Chair modes include relaxing tense and sore muscles, relievingĀ pressureĀ on spinal column and promoting improved circulation simply by selecting it on its unique and comprehensive remote control.

The Sleep Inducing Massage Chair

Whether you want to warm up or loosen your tired muscles, stretch or flexes your spinal joints or even create some advanced massages, this sleep inducing massage chair is simply amazing. Thanks to its unique engine that can perfectly simulate professional massage movements in different intensity levels, now you can relax any time without worrying about stress and body pain.

This massage chair is capable of elevating the feet above the heart ideal to facilitate circulation while its calf and foot massager allows the owner to rest the legs easily. This massage chair comes in different color and can support users of up to 285lbs.