The Sleep Enhancing Headband – Design to help optimize the quality of sleep using series of self-adjusting rhythmic binaural beats

The Sleep Enhancing Headband [SOURCE] is designed to help calm your brain’s different levels of activity so you’ll have a peaceful and quality sleep without worrying about any distractions.

This sleep headband works simply by monitoring the owner’s brain wave activity using a uniquely designed fabric sensors and while sleep, it automatically adjust its rhythmic beats so users will maintain a relaxing deep sleep status every time.

The Sleep Enhancing Headband

The Sleep Enhancing Headband

This headband already includes a free application that can be used with your latest iOS and Android devices perfect for monitoring purposes like the time it took you to fall asleep, level of sleep, amount of time slept and even the wearer’s REM sessions.

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The Sleep Enhancing Headband uses unique technology designed to optimize the quality of your slumber partnered with speakers that are unobtrusively tucked inside the headband yet, keeping the user very comfortable all throughout the night of course without worrying about cords or even bulky equipments and best of all, it also comes with an integrated alarm designed to wake the user.

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