The Simplified Chord Training Guitar – Now you can learn basic chords and play songs almost immediately

You want to learn how to play a 3-string acoustic guitar? How about learning the basic chords and even playing a song right away? Now you can with the Simplified Chord Training Guitar. -[SOURCE]

This acoustic guitar trainer is unique when it comes to teaching potential guitar hero the easy method on how to play different chords and even playing songs immediately, thanks to its included video lesson and digital song book, accessing them and following the steps right through your favorite phone is as easy as playing your favorite games.

The Simplified Chord Training Guitar

The Simplified Chord Training Guitar

This 3-string acoustic guitar allows budding guitarist to play and sing their favorite songs by Bruno Mars, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and a lot more easily focusing only on rhythm and timing and not on fretting over the finger placements.

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The Simplified Chord Training Guitar 1

The Simplified Chord Training Guitar is made with basswood body and are using real guitar steel strings on a maple fingerboard and best of all, it an a narrow neck perfect for providing your kids an easy fretting every time. Flashcards and chord diagrams already included.

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